This is England

How could I describe this movie? Awesome? Wonderful? There's no words to describe it because it's so good. It makes you want to become a skinhead (maybe not the nazi or racist ones) and it makes you think. The actors are great, I was so happy when I saw Jack O'Connell (you will probably recognize him from "Skins UK", he playes Cook in the third and fourth seasons; if you 've never watched skins, do it! It's really great). 
It has a message for the skins too: politics is shit, skinhead was all about fashion and music and being proud of the working class background. Keep the '69 spirit alive.
The music is great, everything it's great. It's really well-made. My bf said when he described it to me that it was a feelgood movie, but it's not. Ok, it has a very positive message, but it doesn't make you feel that good in the end. It's worth watching, I really recommend it. If you are not used to the british accent, it can be a bit hard to understand without subtitles, but after a while it gets easier.
I actually saw that they have made short series called "This is England '86" and "This is England 88", and I really think I'm going to watch them.
Hope you watched it and liked it too.


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