Outfit 27-02-2012


I feel bad, I haven't posted anything for a while now. Ok, I can honestly say last week hasn't been one of the best in my life, but now I'm back :D Yeeey I've been doing a lot of stuff: watching movies, hanging out with my friends, partying ahah I thing I 've done more fun stuff (like going in the outside world) in these past 2 weeks than i've ever done in the year and a half I've lived here. Spring is coming here in Sweden too, I hear little birds singing, the snow is slowly melting, the sun warms you up and all this makes me feel so happy.
This outfit is a recreation of what I wore today. It's Monday so this morning I was really tired, and just grabbed some random clothes in the closeth, and it turned out to be a nice outfit (I was really satisfied). I love my red cardigan, I bought it last year at Gina Tricot and it was on sale so it costed almost nothing (mine is not quite like the one in the photo, but whatever... you get the idea).
I wanted to apologize because I told you I would have posted something about SFW, but I didn't, so I'm really sorry for that!
Hope you'll have an amazing day.


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