Coffee and random pictures

Café Tar in Uppsala is the best café ever. Yeah I know, I'm italian and I go to the italian café, how original!! I have to say their coffee is excellent and there aren't sizes or flavours, it's just normal, amazing coffee or cappuccino or caffe latte. And don't get me started on their focaccie or their pastries!!! Ok, but this wasn't ment to be an ode to Café Tar ahah but if you are in Uppsala you could as well try it, it's worth it!! Actually it's the only place where I can go and ask for "the usual" and get what I want (this can get you an idea of how often I'm there) ahaha I actually don't have anything interesting to say, so I'll post some random pictures that I've found mostly on tumblr. Enjoy :)

These two are from earlier today with my frind Isabelle.


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