Stockholm again

Hello lovely people, here I am, writing to you again. I actually didn't think I would have anything interesting to write about today, but things have changed. I went to Stockholm to meet one of my mother's friends (she's like a second mom) and we had a great time, we managed to go to not one, but two museums this afternoon. First we were going to visit the modern art museum, but when we were buying the tickets they told us that there wasn't much to see today, so they recommended the archicture museum instead. It's beautiful! Not very big, but really beautiful and if you like or study architecture you should really go there.
 Then we were going to visit National museet, but my mother's friend thought I should get to know the swedish culture better so we went to Nordiska museet. I am not that uneducated about swedish culture actually (ok, I know the basic stuff and everyday I learn something new ahah), but it was really interesting. They had a lot of expositions about furniture through time, I found a lot of kich things that I would love to have in my future house ahah (just kidding). Oh and there was this exhibition about old, classic toys, and the game boy was in there too. Now I feel freakishly old, even if I'm not. I really recommend this museum too. It's a really beautiful building, it looks like a castle. Stockholm is so beautiful! Every time I'm there I fall a little bit more in love with that city, and today was no exeption. It was breathtaking with the perfect weather! Really looking forward to move there someday.
Ok, this is what I've done today. I would like to recommend a tv-show too. It's called "New girl" and it's amazing, it's cute, funny and I feel like the main character right now (not that you care, but whatever). so if you don't know what to do or what to watch, watch "New girl".
On tuesday I probably will see "Carnage", the new Polanski movie, so I'll review it someday next week (I'll try to do it on wednesday).

The photos in this post are all mine, I took them last summer when I was in Italy. Hope you like them. I really feel that spring is slowly coming therefore I feel like posting pictures of flowers :)


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