Dr Martens/Agyness Deyn

I just got my white dr Martens, I'm so glad! I've been wanting them for years and finally my parents bought them to me as a Christmas present!! Ok maybe you don't care about my shoes but I wanted to post an outfit  with them so you can use it as an inspiration. I chose one of Agyness Deyn's outfit; I love her style, I think she doesn't look like other models. She has a very punkish/ grunge style and you can really see the british influence. Also her outfits are really easy to take inspiration from or recreate, she chooses really simple clothes that you can find really easily, and spices everything up with some colorful details and/or accessories.

Then I wanted to say that in 2 weeks I'll be wondering the streets of Stockholm just for your benefit (ok no, not just for you :P I love Stockholm). I think I'll go to the photography museum (www.fotografiska.se) because I saw they had some interesting exhibitions and it's a beautiful museum, I'll probably review it. And I was also thinking about going to the modern art museum in Stockholm (www.modernamuseet.se), I'll see what I'll manage to do in just one day. Ok, I think I have written enough, bye for now

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