I went to Stockholm yesterday because I had a date with a friend (Obviously you don't care about that), so I took the opportunity to walk around the city, take some photos and visit Fotografiska, the photography museum. There will be just 3 pictures of Stockholm made by me if you want to see the other photos you can go to my photography-blog: http://chiaraberettaphotography.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/stockholm/. I didn't manage to see very much, I promise you that next time I'll be in Stockholm I'll do more, or at least I'll try to. By the way Stockholm Fashion Week is coming up between the 6th and the 12th February and I'll try to be there, so you have to follow this blog to see photos from SFW!
Ok, now, I wrote that I would review the museum and I will. There are 4 different exhibitions right now, but I found only 3 and liked just 2. The first one is "Inwards and Onwards" by Anton Corbijn and I have to say it's breathtaking. He does portraits of celebrities, and his photos catch the essence of the celebrity. They were amazing! I loved this exhibition. You should understand what I mean if you have seen his work, if you haven't here are some of his photos:

Tom Waits

Alexander McQueen

Kate Moss

Mick Jagger

 The second exhibition was about the photographer Aitor Ortiz. I liked this one too! He photographs architecture and he made it so beautiful and interesting. The light, the shadows, everything in his photographs  is perfect and make the buildings look wonderful. It was a pleasure watching his works. Here are some of his photos:





The third exhibition is "Surrounded by No One" of Margaret M. de Lange. I didn't like it: it was too pretentious for my taste. Some of the photos were portraits, they were beautiful but there was nothing special in them, some were just tacky and vulgar with no sense at all (or I didn't find any sense in them), and few were interesting. But I don't know, I maybe don't get what she's trying to say with her pictures.
The fourth exhibition is about Haiti. Ok this is the one I didn't find, therefore I can't review it.
I really recommend to visit the museum, it's worth it!


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